The purpose of this website is to introduce readers to a book which shows how the libertarian feats of Simon Bolivar attracted the attention of the greatest names of other nations who not only closely followed the events, but also honored in many ways the famous liberator beyond the countries in which his feats occurred.


The United States of America especially admired the military genius who guided an entire society toward its long-awaited goal:  independence and freedom to direct the destiny of every nation.


That great man, a historical figure without discussion, is known in world history as the Liberator Simon Bolivar, a title granted to him in recognition of the great epic liberation in South America in the 19th century.


The book, an integrated and structured work that took 20 years and countless hours of travel and research, shows many of these tributes provided to Simon Bolivar by both the government and the society of this great American nation.

The people and places that honor

the Liberator of South America

The Purpose